We made a smart and simple localization tool
to help your business grow

The ability to release new products and product updates swiftly can be crucial in the race for the market share.

That's why we want to help you speed up the deliver of your product to the target audience.

Whether you need to localize the whole UI or just one updated button Stringbucket makes it easy for you. Integrates into the development process to simplify the synchronization of source and translated strings.

Stringbucket provides developers
with the simplest tool for localization

Stringbucket is a perfect solution for start-ups, small teams, and independent developers.

Designed for localization of mobile, desktop, web apps, games, and software documentation.

Allows you translate your product on all the stages from a start-up to a successful business.

Why do developers need Stringbucket?

  • To seamlessly synchronize translations with the codebase
  • To reduce the release time
  • To keep all translated texts in one place
  • To track real time progress on each language

Get a developer tool for scalable and seamless localization!